Monday, April 11, 2016

Self motivated people who love social media wanted!

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

What quality do you need to work on ?

What does your boss really think when you are late for work often? Does he/she really think being unpunctual is acceptable? Is loyalty and trust high on the list of qualities required at work? What will help you become invaluable at your place of employment? Is it that important to smile at customers these days? How can I work out what job suits me? How can I earn extra money? Find the answers in "Travel and Work " out now on Amazon #travel #employment #competition #author

Travel And Work- Attitude is everything competition!

Travel And Work-Attitude is everything! Do you long to travel the world or even your own country and don't have unlimited funds? Are you wondering what job suits you in life? How can I work out what job I suit? What are the qualities needed to be invaluable at your workplace? Do you have severe Adult ADHD and wonder if you can accomplish a goal? Does an employee have a bad attitude? Travel and Work was written for you by someone who struggles with finishing projects due to severe Adult ADHD Enjoy a ‪#‎competition‬? Step 1. Buy ‪#‎travelandwork‬. Step 2 . Leave a review. Step 3. Send an email to telling me about a quality someone has at work, good or bad that stands out. When I have reached 5,000 entries /or December 1( whichever comes first) there will be a prize for the best 3 entries.Please share .

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Are you wanting to Travel And Work?

Many people long to set off and travel the world but think they have to wait until they are retired. My Nonfiction book will be published very soon and will help you with ideas on how you can Travel and Work sooner than you think! I am organising a fun competition for those who purchase the book
.It will be for sale at a low cost. Please register interest at