Monday, April 11, 2016

Self motivated people who love social media wanted!

Dine2Find, the Specialist Life Style Social Network that financially rewards it's members simply by advising, and recommending All Eating Drinking and Dining Out Establishments to Subscribe to Business Membership in order to enlist their Establishments in the Eat Drink Dine Out Section of dine2find. See Terms and Conditions on Website. Start recommending dine2find to your favourite local bars and restaurants, and if they subscribe, earn 50% of the subscription they pay, the restaurant or bar will gain a 10% discount, and you will receive 50% of their chosen subscription, and 20% on subscription renewals annually. They will be glad you did! Start recommending dine2find to your favourite places to eat and drink now and start earning some extra cash. Utilise Dine2Find now and start treating it as if it was your own lifestyle business. code KrisJ10%off.

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